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Current Official Plan

North Huron Official Plan  

Schedule B Map - Auburn 
Schedule B Map - Belgrave
Schedule B Map - Blyth
Schedule B Map - East Wawanosh
Schedule B Map - Hutton Heights
Schedule B Map - Whitechurch
Schedule B Map - Wingham

The planner for the Township of North Huron is:

Sally McMullen
Huron County  Planning and Development
(519) 524-8394 x. 3
Toll Free:  1-888-524-8394



Official Plan Review and Revision 2013

The North Huron Official Plan has undergone a scheduled 5 year review.  Several changes were needed to bring the plan into conformity with changes in the Provincial Policy Statement and the Huron County Official Plan.  A public consultation throughout 2013 was conducted.  The revised North Huron Official Plan was adopted by Council on December 2nd, 2013 and has been forwarded to the County of Huron for a final decision. Proposed changes are identified in the attached document as follows:  all of the text that is bold font is new and all of the text that has a strikethrough  is proposed to be removed from the official plan. 

North Huron Official Plan - 2013 Revisions

  Schedule B Maps 

Please Note: There are no changes proposed to the maps for Auburn, Belgrave, Hutton Heights, and Whitechurch.


Questions about the official plan or the review process can be directed to the Planner, Sally McMullen at the email address above or by calling 519-524-8394 x 3.