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Wingham Ward - September 25, 2017 OPP Costing Presentation

Tuesday September 26th, 2017

Presentation and supporting documents are available using the links below.  Please direct any questions through CAO Dwayne Evans using the following contact form

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OPP Presentation

Contract Proposal

2016 OPP Annual Report

Civilian Governance OPP vs Municipal Police

OPP Policing Services Profile

Questions and Answers

Q. In the presentation the OPP quoted salaries for officers but they never mentioned the 3%, 6%, 9% experience pay program that they have where their officers get paid extra based on their time in policing.  All of the officers except one would be receiving that.  Where is this money coming from?  Does the township pay it or does it come from some provincial funding?

A. This question refers to the Provincial Responsibility Incentive or the PRI. The annual municipal policing costs provided in the contract proposal includes estimates of all costs for salaries, benefits, support services and other direct operating expenses. Estimated costs for salaries and benefits are based on rates provided in Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) collective agreements, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services benefit rate schedules, and the Cost-Recovery Formula.

The benefit rates are 26.53% for commissioned uniformed officers, 26.96% of salaries for uniformed officers, 25.17% for civilian staff and 2% for overtime payments (present on page 10 of the Contract Policing Proposal).

Municipal policing costs are subject to a reconciliation process each year to more fairly represent the costs incurred for the year, (i.e. salaries). The reconciliation will be completed during the following year and the required adjustment for the final reconciled cost will be included in the next annual billing summary prepared.