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Blyth - Topic of Study by U of W Students

Monday November 16th, 2009

Historic Village of Blyth gets Boost from Planning Students


The village of Blyth will be experiencing some heavier then normal foot traffic this week.  In response to interest expressed by some community members to explore the possibility of conducting a Heritage Conservation Study – 30 planning students from the University of Waterloo will be in town to begin the research for the process.  The class placed into groups of five or six will be taking a tour of the town; researching historical relevance of various buildings and sites; and taking pictures that can used in the process of establishing a Heritage Conservation District in the future should the need arise. 


Hosted jointly by the Blyth Idea Group and the Municipality of North Huron, the group is expected to spend three to four hours in the village this week.  Continued project work will take place during the remainder of the school term through ongoing communication between the three groups. 


According to Connie Goodall, Community Development Coordinator for the Township of North Huron, “There is significant interest in exploring the relevancy of a Heritage Conservation District in the village of Blyth.  Before a Heritage District can be designated a Conservation Study must be completed.  The estimated cost of such a project can be close to $50,000, however, by utilizing the talents of the students of the School of Planning, Blyth could obtain valuable input on such a project before committing a large amount of money.  The information we expect to obtain from the students will be useful for any number of future projects completed by the community or  council regardless of pursuing a Conservation District.” 




For information please contact:

Connie Goodall

Community Development Coordinator

Township of North Huron

Phone Number  - (519) 357-1096