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Waste Diversion Numbers Misleading

Monday November 16th, 2009

Municipality’s Waste Diversion Numbers Misleading


A recent report released by Waste Diversion Ontario rated municipalities on their effectiveness of diverting recycled material from their landfills.  The study reported on by the London Free Press suggested each North Huron resident generates 282.88 kg of trash annually and diverts only 8.11% of that trash from municipal landfills.   Those numbers, based on 2007 statistics, placed North Huron’s diversion rate second last in the study of 206 communities.  Although the number is an accurate count of the waste diverted at landfill sites, it fails to take into consideration the tonnes of recyclables that were picked up at North Huron curbsides each week by Bluewater Recycling Association. When the amount of recycling picked up by Bluewater Recycling Association in that same year was considered, North Huron’s number jumped dramatically to a 39.5 % diversion rate putting them at just slightly better then the average Ontario community. 


According to CAO, Kriss Snell, “Waste Diversion Ontario has been notified regarding the inaccuracy of the survey and information will be noted differently in subsequent years.”   “North Huron actively pursues ways to limit the amount of waste that is disposed of in our municipality.  Agricultural bale waste is now recycled and the recently expanded e–waste program diverted 11,000 pounds of disregarded computer and electrical components from entering landfill sites,” added Mr. Snell. 


Being “Green” is something that North Huron takes very seriously.  Recent events, like piloting a project with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to study the effective use of rain barrels, and forming an Environmental and Energy Committee at the municipal level are indicative of our goal to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our communities.  Recent consultations with community focus groups highlighted the things that we in North Huron hold in deep regard.  High on the list was our clean and vibrant communities, as well as, as appreciation for the services available that maintain our tidy, “green” communities.


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